Our Team

Regional Property Managers
Alyson Alerding
Joe Beatty
Michelle Beatty
Valarie Hall
Rob Kirkpatrick
Natalie Mabbitt
Greg Nolan
Alicia Osborne

Becky Allen
Gayle Armbrust
Jeff Daywalt
Bridget Hellyer
Trish Hickerson
JJ Maule
Amy Messang
Margaret Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
Karla Thompson

Human Resources
Susie Holiday

Jeff Bailey
Jerry Nowicki

Association Property Managers
Ryan Beres
Mary Lou Carey
John Crawford
Chad Ertel
​Lee Geupel
Brian Kavanaugh
Sarah Leveridge
Bob Lutz
Leah Messmore
Vic Muller
Kevin Patterson
Dan Quigley
Jim Smith
Tom Trittipo
Joe Winship
Nancy Winship

Cat Fisher
Shayne Mcmillin
Vic Muller

Dave Bailey
Jeff Bailey
Nick Boese
John Burge Jr.
John Burge Sr.
Greg Eastes 
Chris Figueroa
Frank Jones
Mark Kirkpatrick Jr.
Larry Lamond
Scott Misner
Rob Rees
Jess Richey
Mat Schilke
Bob Seviers
Bob Tibbits
Nick Wiselogle

Support Staff
Diane Arnett
Kathy Cross
Cat Fisher
Greg Lamb
Michael Murphy
Talena Price
Brian Stanely

Kalisha France
Denise Hill
Diane Miller

Diane Miller

Refinance, Rehab, Risk Management
Joe Holland


Property Managers and Association Property Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their communities. Experienced and effective in serving the needs of each and every neighborhood with the aid of an extensive in-house support staff that includes specialists in departments such as finance, maintenance, administrative and insurance. Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC) is a believer in personalized service, efficiency, integrity, and advising customers with a local perspective. We are constantly looking for areas to improve our business to better service each Cooperative, HOA and homeowner. The Executive Teams lead their group by providing insight and motivation to help each of the employees in the organization to be his or her best.


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